Spice Rack Kit

The Spice Rack Kit is a the answer to many who question how to improve the lighting situation in the rear of their Westfalia Campers. This kit uses a long strip of LED’s that adhere to the inside “spice rack” catch-all above the sink and cabinet area which is controlled by a small RF remote. Kits are available in Warm White, and Cool White.

Kits are available for purchase through my Etsy site. Version 1.0 Here and a higher light output Version 2.0 Here.

The LED’s draw very little power and are the perfect amount of light for the Vanagon interiors. I’ve shared a YouTube video below as well as pictures that capture where the light hits. Installation instructions provided. Ask any questions I’d be happy to answer them!

In this YouTube video you can see the lights turn on and watch me scroll through some light functions and adjust the dimming.

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